Product design

Product design

DYMO Engineering designs functional and manufacturable products, mostly in plastic and matals. Our basic principle in this is:

Products should be feasible in terms of cost and time efficiency, while at the same time guaranteeing quality.

Our engineers have over 20 years of experience in the many different production methods and always know the best solution for functional and efficient manufacturability of the product. 

Product design projects

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Product ontwerp

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Optical Mould (6)

Mould design

Mould design

DYMO Engineering has extensive experience in designing (injection) moulds:

  • Injection moulds for plastic
  • Injection moulds for aluminium
  • Injection moulds for lost wax method
  • Injection moulds for TSG (structural foam moulding)
  • Overmoulding, metal and plastic, also called hybrid moulding
  • Moulds for overmoulding cables
  • 2K or multi-component moulds
  • Spinstack moulds
  • Hotmelt moulds

Mould design projects

Die design

Die design

DYMO Engineering has extensive experience in designing punching tools:

  • Sheet thickeness ranging form 0.05 to 6 mm
  • Materials stainless steel, spring steel, steel, metal with high tensile strength, phosphor bronze, etc.
  • Progressive die’s
  • Forming die’s
  • Cutting die’s
  • Drawing die’s
  • Trimming die’s for plastic or aluminium
  • Die’s for lead frames
  • (Hand) insertion die’s

Die design projects

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Machine design

Machine design

DYMO Engineering also designs machines and appliances. For instance:

  • Refrigeration compressors
  • Assembly machines
  • Sorting machine
  • Hydraulic appliances

Machine design projects

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Tool design

Tool design

In addition to moulds and die’s, DYMO Engineering also designs various production tools:

  • Measuring and testing tools
  • Pick and place tools
  • Go/no-go calibers
  • Assembly tools
  • Welding casts
  • Glue casts

Turnkey design

Turnkey design

When it comes to turnkey projects, DYMO Engineering takes care of the complete delivery of everything required for the creation for a product:

  • Converting the product idea into a digital design
  • Making the product manufacturable
  • Designing tools such as moulds and casts
  • Outsourcing and creation of required machine and tools
  • Test production

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DYMO Engineering performs simulations as part of a project or as an additional services for their clients. DYMO Engineering can develop the following simulations:

Strength analyses
With the help of FEM (Finite Element Method) software: Creo Simulate (fka Pro/Mechanica)

  • Dynamic
  • Static

Flow simulations for plastic moulds

  • 3D part advisor (mouldflow)
  • CREO 3.0 en 4.0 etc. parametric

Kinematic simulations

  • Through mechanism in Creo

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Among other things, DYMO Engineering designs dies and moulds. These complex structure require a proper approach and construction of the CAD model. DYMO Engineering has years of experience in modelling and constructing designs using the high-end Creo Parametric package (fka Pro/Engineer).

Our ample experience with the 3D CAD software Creo Parametric ensures that DYMO Engineering offers tailor-made recommendations concerning the implementation of this design software. We offer:

  • Knowledge transfer through workshops, training courses and in-house consultancy.
  • Support in setting up working methods in order to design products as efficiently as possible. 

Design automation

In addition, DYMO Engineering is active in the field of design automation: standardising the design process, for example by developing product configurators. A configurator can quickly generate complex, client-specific product variations on the basis of provided product-specific data. This saves time in the design process and ensures that all designs meet the same design qualifications.

Creo Parametric
DYMO Engineering usually uses Creo Parametric software for design activities. DYMO Engineerings’s experienced engineers have over 20 years of experience in working with this software.

Creo Parametric (fka Pro/Engineer) is state-of-the-art 3D CAD software. Using this software, we can complete every step in the development of products and production tools. This decreases design and production time, especially when it concerns variations of or adjustments to product designs. 

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